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robert james homme, managing partner

Robert James (Bob) Homme has extensive marketing experience in a variety of settings and has been harnessing the power of the Internet since the early 1990s. He was one of the first to recognize the marketing potential of the Internet and put it to work for small businesses.

Bob's communications and marketing experience spans more than two decades and includes positions with a major national auto rental company where he served as Special Projects Director and one of the nationís largest public sector employee benefit plan administrators where he was coordinator of the companyís 1994-1995 media campaigns. He has developed advertising and communication material that has appeared in print media nationwide. His skills have also been applied to the public sector. He has edited reports for submission to the Florida State Legislature and he was retained as an expert witness in 1996 by the State of Florida.

Bob is an experienced eCommerce Web Developer and electronic marketer who has developed, managed, and promoted websites for companies throughout the United States. In addition, he has managed or consulted for Internet-based marketing campaigns for a variety of clients that include an international manufacturer of defense aircraft machine parts,  a national publisher of housing and relocation information, a Southern Ohio newspaper publishing company, a Daytona Beach, Florida world tour organizer, and a major Florida HMO. Bob is an adjunct professor at multiple universities throughout the Southeast, where he teaches aspiring webmasters the art and practice of developing, promoting, and maintaining a successful business presence on the Internet.

Bob maintains his proficiency through continual education and professional seminars. He is active in the community through his church and supports education through participation in advisory council activities, guest lectures, and participation in the local school district's Partners for Excellence program.

A Vietnam Era Veteran, Bob holds a graduate degree from Florida International University. In addition to being the Editor-in-Chief of the Web Cowboys eBusiness Newsletter, Bob has published professionally in a variety of magazines throughout Florida and academically in the Atlantic Millennium (formerly the Southeastern Historical Journal). He is a dual honor society member of OMICRON DELTA KAPPA and PHI ALPHA THETA.

Mr. Homme has received Webmaster Certification from two separate, accredited universities, and maintains an active membership in the Florida Public Relations Association, International Webmaster's Association, Internet Professional Publisher's Association, HTML Writers Guild, and the Association of Internet Professionals.


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