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Allen Boyd for Congress
301 South Monroe Street, #108
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Voice: 850-561-3979
Fax: 850-681-2902

Contact: Ms. Betsy Barfield

Allen Boyd serves in the United States House of Representatives as the representative for Florida’s Second Congressional District.  Boyd for Congress -Screen CaptureThe District spans 19 counties, from Panama City, through Tallahassee, almost reaching Jacksonville. 

The IIS team was approached by the Congressman's campaign staff to develop a Web presence that would assist the Congressman in his effort to make his positions known to his constituents and potential voters.

In addition, an interface was implemented to allow the Congressman's contributors to make secure financial contributions through the site. This was affected by the integration of a third-party solution that had been certified for the record keeping necessary to monitor the source, amount, and distribution of campaign funds.

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