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8667 Honeycomb Lane
Tallahassee, FL 32308
PH: 850-894-3425
FAX: 850-894-3426

Contact: Mr. S. Douglas Thompson

eTradersOnline.com is a Tallahassee, Florida-based resource dedicated to the technical analysis of the commodity futures markets. It is a highly focused, no nonsense site designed to educate its visitors and fellow futures traders.

eTradersOnline.com -Screen CaptureThe IIS team was approached by futures trading guru, S. Douglas Thompson, to develop a Web presence that would facilitate the Web delivery of futures investment information, advice, and counseling. The primary revenue stream was determined to be fee for service with the daily newsletter and site subscription content being the prime commodities.

The eTradersOnline.com website boasts subscription content of interest to futures investors, a trading forum, and a daily trading newsletter providing futures trading recommendations, charts, articles, and education as well as tracking for historical futures trades.

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