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3067 Waterford Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32308
PH: 850-668-3245

Contact: Ms. Debbie Russo

FSUrent.com is a small property leasing business that manages high quality close-to-campus rental properties. Their target market for the rental properties is the faculty and students, and prospective faculty and students, of Florida State University, Florida A & M University, and Tallahassee Community College.

Screen Capture - FSUrent.com Working within a very tight budget, IIS designed the FSUrent.com website to be elegant in its simplicity yet to provide users with an informative experience that describes and displays each property. Location mapping was desirable but not economically feasible within the parameters of the FSUrent.com budget for this project so IIS designed an external-site-dependent point & click interface to a MapQuest server providing location and driving direction mapping. 

The IIS site designers capitalized on the national recognition of Florida State University and utilized the same garnet and gold claimed by the University's sports teams. A JavaScript on the homepage displays thumbnail photos to site users as their mouse passes over the available properties that are listed there. This eliminates the necessity of going to each listing page individually and waiting for the full size picture to load just to get a glimpse of the property. Users can quickly make an informed selection of properties for further viewing based on address/location and property esthetics. This script degrades gracefully, of course,  for those users whose browsers do not support the scripting.

The demographic match of FSUrent.com's target market   populations with the general population of Internet users is excellent and with minimal promotion the company was receiving Web-generated inquiries within the first week of publication.

This website was an inexpensive entry into online marketing for FSUrent.com. The company took advantage of the modular architecture of the Internet by initially placing only 5 properties online to minimize the initial development costs.

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