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The Homes.com project was another Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project. Homes.com, a subsidiary of Homes & Land, had built dynamic websites for more than a thousand real estate agents across the US. However, the agents were becoming dissatisfied with the Homes.com inability to garner significant positions in any of the major search engines.

Homes.com - Screen CaptureMr. Butler contracted with the IIS team of business professionals to evaluate the site construction, delivery, and marketing processes associated with the agent websites, make recommendations, and train the Homes.com Tech and Marketing teams in methods to improve the positions of their client sites.

The websites of Homes.com client realtors now hold a respectable position for each of the targeted search strings with each of the targeted search engines. This is amply evidenced by the results of realty-oriented searches - in nearly every city where Homes.com exist, a significant number of the results are sites belonging to Homes.com.

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