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Orange County Clerk of Courts
Clerk of the Court
425 N. Orange Avenue
[P.O. Box 4994]
Orlando, Florida 32801

Phone: 407-836-2053
FAX: 407-836-2269

Contact: Ms. Wendy Kurtz

The Florida Constitution establishes the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, which also serves as Clerk of the County Court. The Clerk is responsible for maintaining the records of the Circuit and County courts. A trained and qualified staff assists the Clerk in carrying out the many duties associated with this responsibility. Lydia Gardner - Orange County Clerk of Courts -Screen CaptureIt was necessary to develop a website that addressed the needs of 15 divisions and three branches located throughout the greater Orange County community.

 The IIS team was approached by the COC staff to develop a Web presence that would assist the Clerk's offices in achieving its goal of providing Web-based information and services to the community which it serves.

In addition, a secure interface was implemented that allows registered users such as newspapers, traffic schools, and attorneys to interface with COC databases to exchange information with the Office of the Clerk.

The secure areas of the site allow a multitude of functions that include access to information for reporters from the Orlando Sentinel, access to records of traffic violations by area traffic schools including the ability to upload information showing traffic school completion by violators, job posting by the Clerk's Human Resources Department, and a complete Web-based administration of back end functions by the Clerk's own IT Department.

This site contains well over 100 pages with the dynamic portions written in ASP. This site was designed to meet today's needs of the COC as well as providing the scalability required by a government operation of this magnitude.

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