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Contact: Mr. Greg Bachman

The Outta the Box Workshop is Bachman Consulting's flagship seminar series that turns business and marketing problems into profits by using problems to create a new competitive advantage. It identifies which parts of a business are least or best able to  profit from change and leads executives and business owners  to solutions that will most quickly result in profit to the company. Using a five-step value map, the one-day Out of the Box Workshop -Screen Capturesession generates ideas that fit the recipient business' budget and supports the recipient business' business plan.

The IIS team was approached by President and Chief Change Guru, Greg Bachman, to develop a Web presence that would facilitate the Web promotion of the Outta the Box Workshop series. This award-winning site was designed using site interactivity and streaming media, to explain the process associated with the  seminar when delivered to the business owner's management team. It walks visitors through the descriptions of value-adding processes, problems, obstructions, limits, risks, etc. currently existing  in the business, how to evaluate existing customer perception, and finally how to re-design a program to benefit from the newly acquired knowledge.

The site quickly became the premier tool for presenting & highlighting the Outta the Box Workshop. The success, in fact, inspired Mr. Bachman to award the contract to IIS for the development of his company's change Audit website.

Click here to visit the Outta the Box Workshop website.

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