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Shisa, Inc.
231 East Virginia Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: 850-224-8718
FAX: 850-224-8571

Contact: Ms. Lorene Hauser

Shisa, Incorporated is dedicated to identifying, developing, and implementing innovative solutions to societal problems. In the African Bantu language, Shisa means "smart." Founded in 1995, the goal of Shisa, Inc. is the education and empowerment of individuals and community organizations.

Shisa, Inc. - Screen CaptureShisa's services include direct, ethnically & culturally sensitive HIV/AIDS prevention education, job placement for groups with special needs, and family support services.

Shisa's activities and support are primarily in and from the minority communities of the State of Florida with several locations across the state. Shisa approached the IIS team to develop an informational site that would describe its services and activities. 

The existing Shisa site does exactly that and was accomplished well within their grant-sponsored budget. Plans are now underway to integrate a database of resources to allow regional searches for support services.

Click here to visit the Shisa website.

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