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Troy City / Pike County Schools
Troy Pike Center for Technology
283 Gibbs St. 
Troy, AL 36081
PH: 334-566-5395
FAX: 334-566-1690

Contact: Mr. Marvin Jackson

As a result of our Do Good in the Hood activities in the Troy, Alabama area, the Intelligent Internet Strategies team was contacted by the Troy Pike Center for Technology and asked if it were feasible to develop and implement a plan that would result in each school in the 2 systems having their own website. 

Troy City/Pike County Schools - Screen CaptureThe answer was, of course, yes. After consulting with the Troy Pike Center for Technology team and the representatives from each individual school, it was determined that the most cost effective method of achieving the stated goal was for the IIS team to build each of the schools sites, train designated personnel from each school system to update and maintain the sites when complete, and turn them over to each school for maintenance. 

The goal of these sites is to provide information to students, teachers, and parents of students and would include such items as cafeteria menus, activities schedules, and faculty profiles. 

IIS put the strength of its development team to work to ensure thematic consistency with the schools existing mascots and colors. The sites were developed for all schools, training was conducted, the sites turned over to their in-house maintenance staff, and the project successfully completed in 90 days.

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