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Since 1994 the Internet has emerged as a fundamental information and communication medium that has generated extensive enthusiasm from Wall Street to Main Street. In the words of the CommerceNet/Nielsen Internet Demographics Recontact Study "Our sociological and economic structure is being rewritten [and] the corporate world is dramatically realigning its strategies...."

The explosive growth of the Internet has brought new opportunities for those businesses with the clarity of vision to take advantage of the benefits of this new commerce and communication medium. The Internet has been adopted by the mass market more quickly than any other technology over the past century and is currently providing an electronic connection between progressive businesses and millions of customers and potential customers whose age, education, occupation, interest, and income demographics are excellent for sales.

There is no longer any disagreement that a Web presence must be considered an integral part of any company's business plan. Web development, eCommerce, and eMarketing curricula are now integrated into nearly all university business programs throughout the US, Canada, and the Western European countries.  

The benefits are tangible. Whether yours is a small, service-oriented business who develops an Internet presence for additional marketing exposure, a medium-sized retail outlet selling products over the Web, or a large, multi-location corporate entity delivering online training to a geographically dispersed employee force, the processes and efficiencies of an effective Web presence can both generate revenue and decrease operating expenses. 

With a well designed Internet presence your business can:

  • Open profitable new sales channels;
  • Inexpensively increase your company's visibility;
  • Reduce your operating costs;
  • Increase your revenue;
  • Expand your customer base;
  • Increase your profitability on existing products;
  • Easily and cost-effectively target important market segments;
  • Achieve the cost benefits of interactive electronic marketing, and;
  • Establish new communication channels with your customers and prospects.

Understanding the profile and activities of Internet users is imperative to the success of your Web venture. This is particularly important in the current down economy because the internet remains one of the least expensive vehicles for attracting new business and marketing to existing customers.

Your website is the gateway through which the global community can access the products, services, and information they want. Now is the time to establish an Internet presence that works for YOUR business. 

Intelligent Internet Strategies makes it fast, easy, and cost-effective to establish your business on the Internet. Whether you are establishing a Web presence for the first time or need to inject some new life and profitability into your existing website, our experienced team of professional developers, artists, programmers, and marketers will custom design the right Internet presence for YOUR business. Our company's extensive experience in business site development and Internet marketing will ensure that your business gets the recognition it needs to be successful.

In addition to our comprehensive Internet business solutions, IIS offers an extensive portfolio of traditional and online training, electronic marketing solutions, search engine optimization processes, and ongoing content maintenance programs to fit the needs and budget of any size company and ensure a hassle-free experience today, tomorrow, and into the new millennium.

The Web works. The question is - Is it working for YOU ?

Let Intelligent Internet Strategies show you how your business can profit from a comprehensive Internet presence.  Contact us for a no obligation evaluation and quote on your website development, hosting, e-commerce, Internet marketing, search engine optimization, or training project.

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