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the do good in the hood program

Intelligent Internet Strategies prides itself on its community involvement and its ability to remain a responsible corporate citizen and still operate profitably. We have a formal program called the Do Good in the Hood program, the execution of which is part of each year’s business plan. This program allows us to share our success with the local and global communities that have helped us become successful.

While our community involvement extends far beyond our primary focus, we have chosen to target the broad categories of education, arts, and entrepreneurship as the primary recipient areas for the largess of the Do Good in the Hood program.

We are active in our community through our financial support and participation in a variety of civic and educational activities. Our staff participates in such volunteer activities as community technology committees, school advisory councils, and guest lectures at local business colleges. Intelligent Internet Strategies, as a company, contributes time, money, energy, services, and tangible goods to churches, civic organizations, and needy individuals throughout our community.

Some of our current and past Do Good in the Hood projects include:

  • Delivery of lectures and seminars to the local business community in conjunction with the Tallahassee COC and the Jim Moran Institute.

  • Continuing active participation in the Leon County Schools Partners for Excellence program.

  • Technical consultation, support, and donation of materials for the Tallahassee Marine Institute's school networking project

  • Support and consultation for public school teacher programs such as The Learning Network.

  • Discounted In-service training for schools in the Leon County School system

  • The support of community arts through free and discounted services to such local organizations as Theatre A La Carte and the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra.

  • Free and discounted services to start up local athletic events such as the Red Hills Triathlon.

  • Sponsorship of international education activities such as the 1997 IIS K through 12 International Internet Poetry Contest where cash prizes were awarded to student poets gleaned from entries received from 5 countries.

  • Providing guest speakers for Career Day to local elementary schools.

  • The IIS apprenticeship program developed in conjunction with the Florida State University School, formed to mentor aspiring high school technology students in preparation for future employment in the Internet industry.

  • Providing Florida State University School computer laboratories with software valued at more than $7,000 for student and faculty training.

  • Helping to provide music scholarships through financial contributions to the Stubbs’ Educational Foundation.

  • Providing volunteer instructors to school computer labs to assist middle-schoolers in the acquisition of office software application skills.

  • Providing free and discounted services for church and civic organizations throughout the community. An example is the Killearn United Methodist Church project for which IIS built the church’s website for free and continues to provide ongoing free and discounted services.

  • Sponsorship of professional resource and collaboration projects such as the Web Cowboys eBusiness Resource website and the free publication of the Web Cowboys eBusiness Newsletter.

We believe that with success comes the responsibility of helping others achieve success. This, we believe, not only benefits the community but it benefits the contributing businesses as well. Each year we determine how we can best contribute to our community. So far, for each year that IIS has been in business, we have been able to increase our community involvement. We have made the pledge that, as our business continues to grow, we will continue to increase the vitality of our Do Good in the Hood program in proportional measure.

In short, we believe that it is important and desirable for all businesses to engage in service to benefit the communities that contribute to their success. At IIS we don't merely pay lip service to it, we live it! 

If you have a project that you feel might qualify for assistance from the Intelligent Internet Strategies Do Good in the Hood program, please .

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