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Here are a few reference sites from our more than 15 years of satisfied customers. If you would like additional information regarding these or any of our clients, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

Feel free to contact our customers directly. In fact, we encourage you to do so. We have found that they are often more eloquent in their expressions of satisfaction than we can ever hope to be!

We have selected these sites to profile because of their diversity of purpose and content or because of the variety of dissimilar services that IIS was hired to perform for these clients.

Clicking on the links below will take you to a brief description of the projects. Contact information for each client is provided on these pages. For most of these clients, IIS was the exclusive developer and provided multiple services. In those cases we have listed the examples in the dominant category. In some of the examples below IIS performed the project services - such as marketing, data integration, complex scripting, and training -  as a sub-contractor or in partnership with other development firms.


Informational Sites
Orange County Clerk of Courts (ASP)
Congressman Allan Boyd
Troy City / Pike County Schools
The Outta the Box Workshop

ADG Political and Governmental Consultants
Smith, Bryan & Myers Political Consultants
Mythic Quests

Shisa, Inc
Peter Andros Photography
Florida Public Relations Association
Rose, Sundstrom & Bentley, LLP
Image API, Inc.

eCommerce Sites
Submarine Pride (PHP)
The Submarine Store (PERL)
The Store for the Corps
The Military Plaque Store (PHP)
Gallery Announcements
Pierre Vivier Chocolates
Ole' Henry's Nut House
Gradster.com (PHP)
Cards4Grads.com (PHP)
Gallery Weddings
Joy's Workshop
Wendy B's Custom Embroidery

Online Training Sites
LegalEdUSA.com (ColdFusion)
The Florida Bar (ColdFusion)
Florida State University Center for Professional Education and Training

Subscription & Advertising Sites
PROMOgirl.com (ColdFusion)
Florida's Future  (ASP)

Real Estate Sites
FSUrent.com (static)
GoBeachin.com (data-driven/Perl)
Gulf Coast Realty (data-driven/Perl)


Data Integration Sites
Blueprint2000 & Beyond (ASP)
Capital Circle Corridor Improvement (ASP)
Taos County Hispano Chamber of Commerce (PHP)
Curva & Associates, Inc. (PHP)
Dimond Mortgage (Perl)
Florida Pregnancy Support (PHP)

Joy's Workshop (PHP)
The Military Plaque Store (PHP)

Insurance Sites (lead generating)
The Virginia Insurance Group

Eisert Insurance Service
Life Solutions (online enrollment)

Band Sites
Trigger Happy Band
Texas Roadhouse Revival
Cheap & Easy

eMarketing & Search Engine Optimization
Advanced Metal Services Group
Parents Alert
Dogwood Hill Collectors Music and Merchandise

Traditional Classroom Training
Troy State University
Florida State University
Leon County Schools

Consulting/In-house Staff Training
City of Tallahassee

Healthplan Southeast

Do Good in the Hood Sites [what's this?]
USS James K. Polk Veterans Association
Killearn United Methodist Church

Theatre A La Carte
Red Hills Triathlon
Campus Ministry at Florida A&M
Once Upon a Classroom

United Council on Welfare Fraud (PHP)
Atlantic Professional Development
Precision Web Surveys

Linda Rodin's Cake Gallery (PHP)

 We encourage you to visit these sites and will be
happy to answer any questions you have about them.

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