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The first thing to understand is that the sole focus of our business is making the Internet work for YOUR business. 

It has always been the approach of IIS to deliver a customized profile of services to meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients. We have never forced unwanted services on our clients in the guise of "package pricing." We explain both the recommended and the available services for your particular project and allow you to pick and choose from among the extensive IIS menu of services to design a package that will best meet your specific business needs.  IIS uses state-of-the-art software in a multi-platform environment to design the right Internet presence for your business. Whether you are developing your Internet presence from scratch or just need to inject some life into your existing site, the IIS team will make your business shine!

The IIS team has the knowledge and experience to know what works to get your business recognized through all the clutter of the Internet and why. As business people ourselves, we face the same problems and concerns that you do. Because of this shared experience and perspective, we understand the reluctance of businesses to invest their marketing dollars in technologies that they may not fully understand. At IIS, we are as committed to our relationship with our clients as we are to developing an exemplary product. That means that we take whatever time is necessary to make the technologies of the Internet understandable to you and your staff.

Our professionals will take the time to ensure that you and your team understand why each of the site elements are effective and why certain electronic marketing activities work better for some businesses than others. We’ll discuss each step of the design and marketing strategy along the way, making sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions. 

And we don’t leave you after the honeymoon - we’re in for the long haul. Our team remains available to answer your questions as your site matures, as you contemplate the addition of new elements, and undertake new electronic marketing projects. We make it our business to stay abreast of emerging technologies that may benefit the electronic marketing efforts of your business and communicate that information to you in a clear and comprehensive manner.

The IIS team has been establishing businesses on the Internet since 1995. We enjoy an excellent reputation and have more experience in successful Web site development and Internet marketing than most of our competitors. We now boast satisfied clients throughout the US. 

IIS is a five-time winner of the Horizon Award for Web Site Excellence and several IIS-developed Web sites have received other awards including the BizCard Web Quality Award, the 4Anything.com Editor's Choice Award, a Top 10% Music Site Award, and a Home & Hearth Award of Excellence. IIS was recently nominated for an AXIEM Award (Absolute Excellence in Electronic Media) and we are two-time nominees for the Tallahassee Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business Excellence Award. We apply the same award-winning processes, procedures, design technology, and industry knowledge in developing the Internet presence of each of our clients.

Our services include:

  • Professional Website development;
  • Website hosting;
  • Multi-media development including streaming audio and video;
  • Online course development and delivery;
  • Traditional course development and classroom delivery;
  • Comprehensive eCommerce solutions;
  • Development and execution of comprehensive Internet marketing programs;
  • Search engine Optimization
  • Database development and Web integration;
  • Active Channel development;
  • Listserv and newsletter development;
  • Integration planning;
  • Access service negotiation;
  • Graphics development;
  • Hardware and software needs evaluation;
  • In-house staff training, and;
  • Consulting.

In short, Intelligent Internet Strategies has the staff, experience,
and commitment to be your one-stop Internet shop.

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